Rubber Sheets

Silicone Rubber sheets

Silicone is a very versatile material by the fact that these sheets can been used for high temperatures up to 220°C  in contrast to Synthetic rubber. Silicone rubber a very flexible and inert material, which can be used in the medical and FDA environments.
Junta Polymers offers an extended range of silicone sheets which meets the regelation of FDA and EC1935/2004. These sheets can be offered following UL94 V0/V1 or V2.
Available colors : Transparant, Red/brown, white, blue or black. (other colors on request)

SBR Rubber Sheets

SBR is the oldest, but cheapest synthetic rubber. This rubber quality is available in different grades and hardnesses and is recognizable to it’s smell, surface and technical specifications.
These rubber sheets are the cheapest in his kind.

EPDM Rubber Sheets

EPDM Rubber offers excellent properties for outdoor and higher temperature applications. EPDM rubber has a very good resistance ozone, sunlight(UV) and good resistance to alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents. This quality can also been used for water ad steam application.
Junta Polymers offers EPPDM rubber sheets with different polymer contents such as 5%,10%, 30% and a pure 100% polymer.

CR Rubber Sheets

CR or Neoprene is known for some unique combinations of properties, which has led to its use in thousands of applications in diverse environments, but most important is the Seafaring Industry, due to it’s polymer that provides moderate oil and gasoline resistances and very good property against  ozone, sunlight and salt water.
Junta Polymers offers CR rubber sheets with different polymer contents such as 5%,10%, 30% and a pure 100% polymer.

NBR Rubber Sheets

NBR or Nitrile is the perfect polymer in rubber for applications requiring oil and solvent resistances. NBR has very good resistance to gasoline, oil and petroleum-based hydraulic fluids.
We offer in our program NBR rubber sheets with 5%,10%, 30% and 100% polymer content, depending from your application.

FKM Rubber Sheets

FKM or Viton rubber was originally introduced more than 50 years ago to meet the needs of the aerospace industry for a high-performance elastomer ever since they’re been used for many different applications due to it’s chemical resistance. the use of Viton has spread quickly over many other countries. This rubber sheet suitable for environments where chemical oils, aging, ozone and high temperatures are important.
We do also offer white Viton for the food Industry(FDA) and other specials in green.

Para Rubber sheets + Pully laggings

Natural rubber or NR  has a superior resilience, tensile strength, elongation and abrasion resistant properties. This rubber sheet is an excellent polymer type for different application as anti-vibration elements and has a superior resistance to most salts, mild acids, water, and other chemicals.
With his low density and soft hardness this sheet is nice to handle.

Polyurethane Sheets (PU)

A very abrasion PU sheet in different thicknesses and hardnesses such as 70, 80, 90 Sh.A
Standard color is Ocker, but can be available on request in blue, red, white and many more

Diverse Rubber Sheets

Alternative rubber sheets.
Here we offer different types of rubber sheets from materials with excellent chemical resistance, different qualities and thicknesses to high isolation and homogenic material construction.

PTFE Sheets (teflon)

PTFE sheets

Teflon or PTFE is an ethylene polymer in which all hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine. The polymer has a very large length and is still one of the largest molecules. PTFE is a thermoplastic, but it cannot be processed in a thermoplastic way. PTFE is pressed into a mold as a powder at room temperature and then sintered in an oven. These sheets can be used in the food industry or others.
Teflon sheets or round rods are very easy to convert.