FKM Rubber sheets

FF 7520 FKM Rubber Sheets Fluorpac 75 Sh.A

FKM or Fluor elastomer, also known as VITON, was introduced about 50 years ago in part by the aviation industry as a high-quality, high-performance elastomer. FKM has already grown to different countries for many new purposes, which must be resistant to chemicals, ozone and extreme temperatures.

This rubber plate has a hardness of +/- 75 Sh.A with a standard width of 1.2 m

different thicknesses available from stock with a lightly tallowed version, making it easy to roll out for processing. On request we can provide this quality with fiberglass or steel inserts, which in turn is excellent as a compensator in the chemical industry. Our FKM plates have a Fluor content of 66% and on request 68%. In addition to the industrial FKM plates, Junta Polymers also offers a food grade quality that meets all applicable standards such as FDA and EC 1935/2004.

Junta Polymers offers you the option of finished seals at very competitive prices.

Color : Black / Temp.: -20+200°C / Density : 1.9 gr/cm³ / Tensile strength : 7MpA / compression set (22u at 70°C): <30 Elongation: 180% [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='Download PDF spec-sheet' tags='' av_uid='av-4rsvc2'] Link naar PDF