Diverse rubber sheets

H 6013 Hypalon (CSM) 60 Sh.A

This perfect and unique weather-resistant elastomer is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, oxygen, ozone, discoloration and weathering. This polymer makes the difference for weather-resistant applications and is suitable for applications in open air such as, for example, dinghies. Hypalon is usable up to about 130 ° C and is resistant to water, acids and bases, but less to hydrocarbons, aldehydes, esters, or ketones.

Color : black / Temp.: -30+130°C / Density : 1.3 gr/cm³ / Tensile strength : 10MpA / compression set (22u at 70°C): <40 elongation : 350% [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='Download PDF spec-sheet' tags='' av_uid='av-4nyu7e'] Link naar PDF

B 6512 Butyl (IIR) 60 Sh.A

Butyl, also known as IIR (isobutylene isoprene rubber), is known for its gas tightness. As a result, it is also used with car and bicycle tires. This elastomer is also used in, for example, gas masks or medical seals. Also very good UV and ozone resistant.

Color: Black / Temp.: -40+125°C / Density : 1.2 gr/cm³ / Tensile strength : 9MpA / compression set (22u at 70°C): <40 Elongation : 350% [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='Download PDF spec-sheet' tags='' av_uid='av-39fcnu'] Link naar PDF

PTFE Sheets / White

Teflon or PTFE is an ethylene polymer in which all hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine. The Teflon polymer has a very large molecular length. However, this thermoplastic cannot be processed in the normal way. This plastic is processed in powder form and at room temperature in a mold, pressed and subsequently sintered to obtain a homogeneous mass in plate form. PTFE can be filled with fiberglass or carbon on request to promote strength or electrical conductivity.

These plates are available in various thicknesses and dimensions.

Color: White / Temp.: -200+260°C / Density : 2.18 gr/cm³ / Tensile strength : 200kg/cm² / Elongation : >250%