Polyurethane Sheets (PU)

P 8090 Polyurethane sheets (oker)

Polyurethane is a copolymer that is formed by the reaction of the isocyanate and alcohol groups to form a urethane bond. This results in a long chain with alternating a hard and a soft segment.

The hard segments per se tend to crystallize and form a hard and brittle material. The soft segments, when viewed separately, would give a soft viscous liquid. The intimate combination of the two in the copolymer ensures that this substance combines the best properties of both. PU can at the same time be flexible and yet strong and durable. In addition, due to the choice of the length (distribution) both soft and hard (the number of NCO or OH groups per molecule), the properties of the material can be adjusted within wide limits, in particular from 40 to 95 Sh A. Scraper or wear-resistant covering of silos. FDA implementation on request.

Thicknesses as standard up to 10 mm available in 2 x 1 m – 3 x 1 m – 4 x 1 m, other dimensions on request.

Color: Oker / Temp.: -20+75°C / Density : 1.24 gr/cm³ / Tear resistance : 40N/mm² / Elongation : 500% / Abrasion resistance : <50 mm² [/av_toggle] [av_toggle title='Download PDF spec-sheet' tags='' av_uid='av-4sfl8o'] Link naar PDF